Bachelor in Hospitality Management

This degree is essential for all those wishing to follow a path in the hospitality and tourism industry. The hospitality industry and associated services is a huge and dynamic sector with excellent prospects and opportunities. The degree provides the students with all the necessary knowledge, leadership, analytical and communication skills and prepares them to engage successfully in this demanding sector of the economy. It provides the student with the necessary tools to add value to any organization operating in the hospitality industry. Upon completion students will be able to understand in depth the forces and the challenges that drive such a dynamic sector and will be able to interact effectively within any organisation in the industry.

This degree is ideal for people wishing to enhance their position within their organisations while at the same time it offers excellent prospects for future employment in the fields of food and beverage, hotels and resorts, restaurant management and marketing.

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Delivery Mode: Online and through Supported Open Learning

Entry Requirements

  1. Regular admission to a Bachelor’s degree programme requires the High School Leaving Certificate or equivalent.
  2. Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma may be considered for entry.
  3. Applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a relevant area may be considered for credit transfer.
  4. Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements but who have at least 2 years relevant post secondary professional experience may be considered for entry
  5. English proficiency.
  6. Copy of passport or ID

Applicants that do not meet the minimum entry requirements may be considered for the ‘FOUNDATION PROGRAMME’.

In addition to a strong academic record, the student’s extra curricular involvement, leadership skills and other relevant background information are taken into account.


Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-1000-ZM Financial Accounting I 3
UU-ACG-1001-ZM Accounting II 3
UU-BBA-2000-ZM Communication for Business 3
UU-BBA-2007-ZM Business Communication 3
UU-BBA-4020-ZM Strategy and Business Policy 3
UU-COM-1000-ZM Computer System 3
UU-COM-3010-ZM Digital Business 3
UU-ENG-1000-ZM Writing Methods 3
UU-ENG-1001-ZM Composition for English 3
UU-HOM-1000-ZM Hospitality I: An Introduction 3
UU-HOM-1010-ZM Introduction to Food Science 4
UU-HOM-2010-ZM Maintenance and Housekeeping 4
UU-HOM-2020-ZM Introduction to Front Office 3
UU-HOM-3000-ZM Hospitality Information Systems 3
UU-HOM-3005-ZM Restaurant Management 3
UU-HOM-3010-ZM Food and Beverage Systems 3
UU-HOM-3020-ZM Design and layout of Food Service Activities 3
UU-HOM-4080-ZM Beverage and Food 3
UU-HRM-2000-ZM Event Management 3
UU-HRM-2037-ZM Tourism and Hospitality Law 3
UU-HRM-2045-ZM Hotel Management 3
UU-HRM-2046-ZM Intercultural Communication 3
UU-HRM-3030-ZM Cultural Geography 3
UU-HRM-3040-ZM Conferences Management and Exhibitions 3
UU-HRM-3070-ZM Food Services 3
UU-HRM-4000-ZM Quality Management in Services 3
UU-HRM-4010-ZM Final Year Seminar 3
UU-HRM-4040-ZM Transport and Hospitality 3
UU-HRM-4050-ZM Tourism Environmental Management 3
UU-INT-4000-ZM Internship Programme 3
UU-MAN-2010-ZM Introduction to Management 3
UU-MAN-4000-ZM Human Resources 3
UU-MKT-2000-ZM Marketing 3
UU-MTH-1000-ZM Introduction to Algebra 3
UU-MTH-1005-ZM Quantitative Methods 3
UU-MTH-2000-ZM Statistics I 3
UU-MTH-3000-ZM Statistical Methods II 3
UU-PSY-1000-ZM General Psychology I 3
UU-PSY-1100-ZM Psychology II 3
UU-SOC-1000-ZM Principles of Sociology 3
UU-SOC-1001-ZM Sociology: An Introduction 3


Bachelor in Hospitality Management
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