Programmes Aims and Objectives

During this course, students study basic principles of accounting procedures and concepts. They gain important skills regarding the daily procedures of an accounting department and its management, as well as the ability and confidence to function successfully in key positions within organizations.


The course provides all the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in the fields of Accounting and Finance, and has been approved by the ACCA for 9 exemptions from the ACCA professional qualification title of Chartered Certified Accountant. Graduates can also find employment and advance up to executive levels in international organizations.

Aims of the Programme

1. To provide expertise in Accounting and associated fields.
2. To provide students with the theoretical, technical and empirical background necessary for financial problem solving and financial decision making, within the complex and changing global business environment.
3. To offer a broad-based education, which will provide a good starting point for students’ future professional careers and further studies.
4. To encourage a way of thinking which will help students meet the challenges of new ideas and find innovative solutions to new problems they will encounter in their professional lives.

Objectives of the Programme

1. To develop good skills in financial accounting and financial reporting.
2. To master the auditing and taxation skills, as well as cost and management accounting.
3. To be able to make financial statement analysis, which, together with information technology skills, will give the confidence to use a wide range of accounting and business software.


Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-Bsc-IND100-ZM Induction Module 0.00
UU-FNT-103-ZM Introduction to Bachelor Degree 0.00

Semester 1

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-MAN-2010-ZM Introduction to Management 3.00
UU-ACG-1000-ACCA-ZM Financial Accounting I 3.00
UU-BBA-1000-ZM Business Ethics 3.00
UU-ACG-1001-ZM Accounting II 3.00
UU-COM-1000-ZM Computer System 3.00

Semester 2

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-1002-ACCA-ZM Managerial Accounting 3.00
UU-ACG-2010-ZM Intermediate Financial Accounting 3.00
UU-MKT-2000-ZM Marketing 3.00
UU-BBA-2000-ZM Communication for Business 3.00
UU-MTH-2000-ZM Statistics I 3.00

Semester 3

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-MTH-1005-ZM Quantitative Methods 3.00
UU-ACG-2310-ZM Accounting Information Systems 3.00
UU-ECO-2000-ZM Principles of Microeconomics 3.00
UU-ECO-2001-ZM Principles of Macroeconomics 3.00
UU-FNE-2660-ZM Managerial Finance 3.00

Semester 4

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-ACG-3600-ACCA-ZM Financial Reporting 3.00
UU-BBA-2001-ZM Research and Writing 3.00
UU-ACG-3300-ACCA-ZM Corporate and Business Law 3.00
UU-ACG-3120-ZM Advanced Management and Cost Accounting 3.00
UU-ACG-3100-ACCA-ZM Advanced Financial Accounting 3.00

Semester 5

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-PSY-1000-ZM General Psychology I 3.00
UU-ACG-3150-ACCA-ZM Audit and Assurance 3.00
UU-BBA-3012-ACCA-ZM Organizational Behaviour 3.00
UU-FNE-4100-ACCA-ZM Financial Management 3.00
UU-BBA-4010-ZM Research Methods in Business 3.00

Semester 6

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-SOC-1000-ZM Principles of Sociology 3.00
UU-ACG-4120-ZM International Accounting 3.00
UU-ACG-4160-ACCA-ZM Advanced Audit and Assurance 3.00
UU-ACG-4200-ZM Business Taxation 3.00
UU-ACG-4370-ZM Corporate Governance 3.00

Semester 7

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-BBA-4020-ACCA-ZM Strategy and Business Policy 3.00
UU-ACG-4210-ACCA-ZM Taxation 3.00
UU-ACG-4130-ZM Advanced Accounting Theory 3.00
UU-ACG-4500-ACCA-ZM Performance Management 3.00
UU-FNE-4400-ZM Financial Analysis 3.00

Semester 8

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-COM-3010-ZM Digital Business 3.00
UU-ACG-4600-ZM Advanced Financial Reporting 3.00
UU-ACG-4700-ZM Special Topics in Accounting 3.00
UU-FNE-4300-ZM International Financial Management 3.00
UU-ACG-4025-ZM Final Year Project 3.00