Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Law and Politics


The programme will enable students to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to advance in international organisations, public and private sectors and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions.

Aims of the Programme

The aims of the programme are the following:

  1. Develop a sound understanding of the relevant conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of the student’s chosen area of research in law and politics.
  2. Have a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic and management enquiry.
  3. Create and interpret knowledge through original research.
  4. Enhance student’s performance as a reflective practitioner and their professional practice.
  5. Develop personal, consultancy and research competences to undertake rigorous research at an advanced level that contributes to theory and practice in law and politics.

Objectives of the Programme

The objective of the programme is to enhance the knowledge and skills to current and emerging legal and political scientists/leaders who are looking to drive systemic change in their organisation. These include individuals who currently hold or are seeking top positions in professional organisations and governmental institutions.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes of this programme are:

  1. Develop a comprehensive, contemporary, advanced knowledge of content, research methods and theoretical context in an area related practice. Through this, students will make an important contribution to knowledge informed by original research and scholarship. Interpret and accurately apply law, as well as effectively analyze and investigate facts.
  2. Describe how political, legal and economic forces have affected different social groups in different ways to produce inequality as a result of unjust outcomes.
  3. Make informed judgments on complex issues in Law and Politics, often in the absence of complete data. Identify strategies that have the potential to increase access to legal system and improve the quality of the justice system or justice in society.
  4. Communicate ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences. Identify and apply legal rules on legal issues presented in order to resolve problems.
  5. Solve problems through skills in evidence-based decision-making, leading to institutional change within the areas of Law and Politics.
  6. Demonstrate the ability of law to shape and influence, government, society and people’s lives.
  7. Create environments of inclusion and transparency. Demonstrate interest in national and global politics.
  8. Evaluate their own skill as a leader and the performance of their team(s) and organisation and modify strategies accordingly within the areas of Law and Politics.
  9. Critique the mission, process and outcomes of specific learning initiatives through targeted questions.
  10. Apply their knowledge of law and politics by using the major analytic and theoretical frameworks in international relations and comparative politics.
  11. Drive innovation through technology-enabled learning formats.
  12. Apply reflective monitoring skills about work and professional practice within the areas of Law and Politics.
  13. Interpret gathered qualitative and quantitative data to assess the status of organisational priorities.
  14. Create a culminating dissertation in practice that demonstrates effective application of relevant theories and concepts within the areas of Law and Politics.


Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-DOC-IND100-ZM Induction Module 0.00

Core requirements (required modules)

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-DOC-801-ZM Quantitative Research Methods 30.00
UU-DOC-802-ZM Qualitative Research Methods 30.00
UU-DOC-803-ZM Current Issues in Research 30.00
UU-DOC-804-ZM Leadership 30.00
UU-DOC-900-1-ZM Dissertation (Part 1) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-2-ZM Dissertation (Part 2) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-3-ZM Dissertation (Part 3) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-4-ZM Dissertation (Part 4) 60.00
UU-DOC-995-ZM Doctoral Dissertation Examination 0.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Law and Politics
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