Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Public Health


The sector of Public Health has undergone a significant transformation over the last five decades. The 1990s, particularly, was a decade of great change and also a period during which the importance of Public Health got the special attention of many stakeholders worldwide.

A PhD in Public Health is deemed essential, not only for Zambia but worldwide, as it enables its graduates to ensure alertness, prevention and efficient response to disease transmission and outbreaks (pandemics) as well as support disease surveillance.

Furthermore, the degree will enable students to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to advance in public health related international organisations and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions.

Aims of the Programme

The programme aims at introducing current and emerging public health leaders who are looking to drive systemic change in their organisation to new leadership styles, as well as in making sure they ensure population’s health and well-being is maintained through relevant prevention and health promotion services. These leaders include individuals who currently hold or are seeking top positions in public health related professional organisations.

Objectives of the Programme

The objectives of the programme are to provide to the student the opportunity to:

  1. Drive systemic change in their organisation. These leaders include individuals who currently hold or are seeking top positions in professional organisations.
  2. Become the next generation of leading researchers.
  3. Apply practical and theoretical knowledge and enhance their employability prospects.
  4. Develop a sound understanding of the relevant conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of the student’s chosen area of research.
  5. Produce a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic and management enquiry.
  6. Strengthen their performance as a reflective practitioner.
  7. Develop personal, consultancy and research competences to undertake rigorous research at an advanced level that contributes to theory and practice in business and management within the Public Health sector.
  8. Construct an individual programme of doctoral study. This will comprise of an opportunity for students to propose their own research study in order to complete a supervised dissertation at the forefront of doctoral research and professional and academic practice.
  9. Provide an overarching, individually supervised teaching, learning and mentoring approach that will enable them to develop their role as an advanced researcher and/or professional practitioner in their field.
  10. Develop a comprehensive, contemporary, advanced knowledge of content, research methods and theoretical context in an area related practice. Through this, students will make an important contribution to knowledge informed by original research and scholarship.
  11. Become professionals who will have a significant role in Zambia’s health, economic, social and political endeavours.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes of this programme are:

  1. Shape the theoretical context of students’ original research and programme.
  2. Apply techniques for research and advanced academic and management enquiry.
  3. Analyse the conceptual and theoretical frameworks of the students’ chosen area of research.
  4. Analyse complex statistical data related to Public Health.
  5. Compare different theoretical frameworks and applications within the area of public health.
  6. Apply the knowledge and competencies of research methods within the area of Public Health.
  7. Utilise different theoretical managerial and leadership models/perspectives within the area of Public Health Management.
  8. Synthesise and interpret knowledge through original research.


Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-DOC-IND100-ZM Induction Module 0.00

Core requirements (required modules)

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-DOC-801-ZM Quantitative Research Methods 30.00
UU-DOC-802-ZM Qualitative Research Methods 30.00
UU-DOC-803-ZM Current Issues in Research 30.00
UU-DOC-804-ZM Leadership 30.00
UU-DOC-900-1-ZM Dissertation (Part 1) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-2-ZM Dissertation (Part 2) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-3-ZM Dissertation (Part 3) 60.00
UU-DOC-900-4-ZM Dissertation (Part 4) 60.00
UU-DOC-995-ZM Doctoral Dissertation Examination 0.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Public Health
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