Doctorate of Education (EdD)

The Doctorate of Education degree is suitable for experienced educators and aims to place graduates at the leading edge of their field, in terms of knowledge, awareness and understanding. It is designed for professionals wishing to make substantial and original contributions to the development of educational knowledge, in a broad range of educational settings, including schools, colleges, universities and government organisations. The degree meets the need for professional development and training of the highest level for educators, as well as for professionals involved with educational policy and administration. The prime focus is on the interplay between the multi-dimensional practices of education and scholarship. The degree is designed to engage current practitioners with knowledge, awareness and understanding of the philosophical, organisational, political, social, managerial, interpersonal, and technical dimensions of schools and other educational institutions.
Programme features

  • A high-level academic study of a range of educational and professional issues
  • Four tutored units and a supervised research component
  • Will enable you to make a contribution to knowledge through unit assignments, and through your dissertation
  • Focus on the interplay and relationship between professional practice and scholarship.


Code Name Credits
UU-EDUD-801-ZM Educational research: philosophy and practice 30
UU-EDUD-802-ZM Managing Teaching and Learning Methods 30
UU-EDUD-803-ZM Educational Policy: Theory and Practice 30
UU-EDUD-804-ZM Educational Management Leadership and Administration 30
UU-EDUD-900-1-ZM EdD Dissertation (Part 1) 15
UU-EDUD-900-2-ZM EdD Dissertation (Part 2) 15
UU-EDUD-900-3-ZM EdD Dissertation (Part 3) 15
UU-EDUD-900-4-ZM EdD Dissertation (Part 4) 15
UU-Phd-IND100-ZM Induction Module 0
Doctorate of Education (EdD)
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