Unicaf University Hosts Open Lecture Series on Energy Development and Security

Unicaf University in Zambia recently hosted an Open Lecture Series on Energy Development and Security in Zambia, which focused on the potential of green hydrogen as a means of enhancing energy security and promoting economic growth in the country. Marketing Officer, Nancy Nkonde, introduced the event and gave an introduction to Unicaf University and what the institution offers in terms of degree programmes

The lecture, which  was well-attended by a cross-section of the community with an interest in the energy sector, was conducted by Unicaf University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr Lameck Mwewa. He provided an in-depth analysis of the current state of energy infrastructure in Zambia and the challenges facing the development of renewable energy. Dr Mwewa also highlighted the development of more hydro-power stations and the role of green hydrogen in enhancing energy security and promoting economic growth.

The lecture was followed by an open Q&A session, during which attendees were able to engage with Dr Mwewa and ask questions related to the topics covered.

Commenting on the event, Dr Lameck Mwewa said: “We were delighted to host this Open Lecture Series on Energy Development and Security in Zambia. It was great to see so many people from different backgrounds and sectors coming together to discuss these important issues. We hope that the insights shared during the lecture will contribute to the development of a sustainable and secure energy future for Zambia.”

Unicaf University is committed to providing high-quality education and promoting academic excellence in Zambia and across Africa. The institution offers a range of degree programmes in areas such as business, education, health, and social sciences, among others.

For more information about Unicaf University and its degree programmes, please visit the website.

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