Unicaf University makes donation to Training Teachers for Community Schools in Zambia

Unicaf University has once again demonstrated its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by donating 40 tables and chairs to Training Teachers for Community Schools in Zambia (TTCSZ). This extremely generous contribution aims to support the organisation’s mission of advancing the education of community school children through the training of teachers.

TTCSZ is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Zambia dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of community school teachers who provide voluntary service to their local communities. These teachers, lacking formal training, play a vital role in educating disadvantaged children. To improve their teaching methods, TTCSZ offers training programmes in Mathematics, English, and IT, conducted by qualified university lecturers and teachers from both England and Zambia.

To date, TTCSZ has successfully trained and certified over 100 community school teachers, empowering them with valuable skills to deliver quality education to the children they serve. The NGO envisions providing exceptional education opportunities for underprivileged children across Zambia.

During a handover ceremony at Unicaf University’s main campus in Lusaka, the Director of Operations, Tyson Syamunyangwa, presented the donation to Ms Lyn Hall, Chairperson of TTCSZ, and Mr Shadrick Mushibwe, Secretary of the organisation. Expressing her gratitude, Ms Hall stated, “This donation will go a long way in ensuring that the newly acquired resource centre benefits both the community school teachers and the disadvantaged children.

Unicaf University’s commitment to promoting access to quality education aligns perfectly with TTCSZ’s vision. By contributing to this worthy cause, Unicaf University aims to make a positive impact and improve the educational opportunities for disadvantaged children in Zambia.

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