Unicaf University Zambia sponsors World IP Day 2022

Lusaka, Zambia, 26th April, 2022Unicaf University Zambia took part, as a major sponsor, in the World Intellectual Property Day at the PACRA HQ offices in Long Acres. 

The event, held under the global banner of “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future,” and which attracted wide media coverage, included guests of honour, the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Felix Mutati, and the Minister of Commerce and Trade, Mr Chipoka Mulenga. 

The ingenuity, drive, creativity and vision of the young contenders was addressed by the Honorable Felix Mutati who emphasised the need to protect innovation and creativity. A little later, the Honorable Chipoka Mulenga encouraged young people to come forward with their innovations and ideas. 

Young innovators and potential entrepreneurs are now protected under Intellectual Property (IP) rights so that they can pursue their goals, generate income, create employment opportunities within their communities, and support national development.   

Award winner, Rachael Mbewe spoke eloquently and passionately to the assembled dignitaries and fellow contenders of her goal to create job opportunities for young people within her community. 

Since 1970, World IP Day provides a unique opportunity for people to join their peers in considering how IP contributes to the flourishing of the arts and technological innovation.

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