UUZ 1st Essay Competition Winners

Three young women were the winners of the first essay competition organised by Unicaf University Zambia on “Online vs. traditional on-campus university education.”

The competition attracted a large number of entries and the level of the essays submitted was high.  The awards ceremony was held at the state-of-the-art campus of Unicaf university Zambia at the end of November.

The first winner, Julia Chisala, 21 years old from Chilenje, was awarded a full scholarship to study online with Unicaf University towards the Bachelor degree of her choice. The second winner, 25 year old Memory Zulu from Chisamba  received an 85% scholarship to pursue an online Bachelor degree with Unicaf University, while the third winner, 23 year old Karen Kondowe from Mporokoso received an 80% scholarship for an online Bachelor degree with UU. All three winners also received free tablets to assist them in their studies.

The three winners expressed their gratitude to Unicaf University for granting them this unique opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills by studying for Bachelor degrees, which are highly valued by employers and can help them build solid careers. All Unicaf University undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are accredited by the Higher Education Authority of Zambia.

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