UU Zambia Staff Profiles

Prof Mpazi Sinjela LLB, LLM, JSD (Yale)
Ceremonial Head of the University.

Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe BEd, MA, PhD
Academic Leadership and in-country vision and mission.

Dr Lameck Mwewa B.Eng, MSc, PhD
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Accountable to the Vice Chancellor for smooth management and operations of the university. Responsible for supervising university department(s) and head(s).

Dr Marirajan Thiruppathi BSc, MA (SW), MPhil, PhD
Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Research and Innovation
Reporting to the Vice Chancellor for roll out of the research and innovation programme of the University. Responsible for supervision of Research Clusters and faculties research and publication work.

Ms Nyamutuma Mwandila  BA.Ed, MBA-Ed
Registrar ­- Institutional Secretariat
To provide leadership and oversight in all aspects of the office of the Registrar. Effectively manage and maintain student academic records, updated curriculum and communication with regulators

Mrs Abigail Nachilima Chalwe BA, MA
Dean Student Affairs/Lecturer
Responsible for the management of student affairs. Lecturer in both core and induction modules.

Mr Anthony Tumeo Chanda BSc, MBA
Business Manager
Responsible for administering University business.

Mr Tyson Syamunyangwa BA
Operations Manager
Responsible for operations at the campus.

Mr Yiannakis Zyngas BA
Country Manager
Responsible for overseeing the smooth running of all operations of the campus.