Unicaf University Hosts Successful Alumni Dinner, Strengthening Bonds and Unveiling Future Plans

Unicaf University proudly organised an alumni dinner on June 16th, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration among its esteemed graduates. The event aimed to bridge the gap between the university and its alumni while unveiling the institution’s ambitious plans for the future. Additionally, the event encouraged alumni to partake in various activities such as exhibitions, refresher courses, training sessions, and tours.

The evening commenced with an inspiring address by Professor Mpazi Sinjela, the current Chancellor of Unicaf University in Zambia and the former Vice-Chancellor. Professor Sinjela highlighted the immense value of an engaged and active alumni community, emphasising how their involvement contributes to the authenticity and reputation of the university. He also shed light on Unicaf University’s strategic vision for growth and its commitment to leaving a lasting impact on society.

Dr Lameck Mwewa, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) of Academics, further emphasised the significance of an Alumni Association. He expressed Unicaf University’s dedication to ensuring that graduates remain connected and engaged in meaningful endeavours. Dr. Mwewa stressed the importance of networking events like the Alumni dinner in fostering continued progress and success among the university’s graduates.

In addition to the insightful speeches, the event featured various segments of entertainment to create a lively atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed engaging in karaoke sessions and were treated to a captivating singing performance by renowned artist DJ Zacks. The delightful evening culminated with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by Bibian Lambert, the representative of the Alumni.

The Alumni Meet and Greet event exceeded all expectations, successfully achieving its goals of fostering strong connections between the alumni and the university, providing valuable networking opportunities, and honouring the accomplishments of the alumni. The carefully curated speeches and activities created an immersive and unforgettable evening, evoking a sense of nostalgia while igniting inspiration and motivation among the attendees to continue their pursuit of professional, personal, and academic growth. The event had such a profound impact that many alumni and their partners or guests were inspired to start saving in order to further their education at the university.

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