Unicaf University Promotes Gender Equality through Donation

Unicaf University, represented by Vice-Chancellor, Dr Christine Mushibwe, has made a donation of sanitary pads to address “period poverty” in Zambia. The donation, worth K5000, was presented during the Woman of the Week interview on 5FM Radio, featuring Dr. Mushibwe on May 10, 2023.

The Woman of the Week programme is a popular radio show that features interviews with successful and inspiring women from various industries and backgrounds. It aims to celebrate women’s achievements, empower and inspire listeners, and promote gender equality. Dr Mushibwe was invited to share her story, insights, and experiences as a successful female leader and advocate for girls and women’s success.

During the interview, Dr Mushibwe highlighted the importance of supporting girls and women to achieve their full potential. As part of Unicaf University’s commitment to gender equality and social responsibility, she announced the donation to help keep female pupils in school. The campaign aims to provide sanitary pads to girls in schools to eliminate “period poverty” and ensure that no female pupil misses out on education in Zambia.

The Vice-Chancellor presented the donation at the 5FM radio station in Lusaka, emphasising the need for collective action to address certain inequalities. She also encouraged listeners to support and empower women in their personal and professional lives.

Unicaf University is proud to support initiatives that promote gender equality, empower girls and women, and address social challenges. The donation is a small but important step towards ensuring that all girls in Zambia have access to education and can reach their full potential.


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