“Youth Dialogue: Taking Charge of Your Future” Summit Held at Unicaf University Campus

Unicaf University hosted a Youth Dialogue summit titled “Taking Charge of Your Future” at their campus in Lusaka, Zambia. The event was attended by a diverse group of young people with an interest in youth issues.

The summit featured several speakers, each addressing a different topic related to youth empowerment. Unicaf University Chancellor, Professor Mpazi Sinjela, made the opening remarks on how young people should not be afraid to dream and to strive for a better future. He emphasised that with Unicaf University, “the impossible can be made possible.”

The first guest speaker, Mr Matanda Mwewa, Solar Industry Association President, discussed the guidelines and restrictions of entrepreneurship in one’s youth. He emphasised the need for the youth to start entrepreneurship early in their lives as it also helps build networks that are critical for long term success. They provide valuable  experience, skills and connections that help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their industries.

Dr Rozious Siatwambo, Founder and CEO of Great North Road Academy, presented the topic “Is Education the Key to Success?” He shared his perspective on the role of education in shaping one’s future and achieving success through training the mind to think positively in order to achieve.

The final speaker, Mr Davies Munga, read a speech on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Mr Fumba Mumba, who was unable to attend, focusing on “Youth Empowerment: How to Make it Work for You.” He highlighted the various ways in which young people can take charge of their own empowerment and make positive changes in their communities.

After each presentation, the floor was opened up for a Q&A session, allowing attendees to ask questions and engage in meaningful dialogue with the speakers.

The “Youth Dialogue -Taking Charge of Your Future” summit provided an important platform for young people to engage with experts in various fields and learn valuable skills and insights to help them navigate their futures. Unicaf University remains committed to empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators, and looks forward to hosting similar events in the future.

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