Unicaf University Co-organises International Multidisciplinary Scientific Research Conference (IMSRC 2022)

Unicaf University in Zambia was the co-organiser of the recently concluded 2-day virtual International Multidisciplinary Scientific Research Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand this summer. The event’s co-organisers were the Scientific Research Association, Research Culture Society, and The Eurasian University.

The aim of the conference was to provide an interactive stage for researchers and practitioners from academia and industries. The main objective was to promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of people’s lives by improving the theory and practice of various disciplines within science and engineering. It also offered a platform for delegates to share their new research ideas.

Dr C. M. Patel, Director of Research Culture Society stated that “this International Conference will help in redefining the strong connection between students and academics from different institutions.”

In addition to the above, the international conference can be viewed as a tool to “combine interests and scientific research related to Social Science, Education, Journalism, Digitalization and Business Management and Development, and to bring people closer for the benefit of the scientific community worldwide.”

The success of the conference prompted the publication of the “International Journal for Innovative Research in Multidisciplinary Field.” (ISSN: 2455-0620, 2022).

The journal is a collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers submitted by active researchers in the conference. Dr Marirajan Thiruppathi, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation and Dr Christine Mushibwe, Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University Zambia are the proud Associate Editors of the journal. 

This journal is important to understand the various concepts of Educational Technology, Media and Social Science. As the Unicaf University in Zambia Vice-Chancellor pointed out: “The beauty of conferences lies in the knowledge and skills demonstrated, stories shared and learnt. Such knowledge cannot be taken away from one. While many will be showcasing results of their research, we will be acquiring knowledge that will undoubtedly improve us as individuals and our organisations by extension.”


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