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Unicaf University Continues Open Lecture Series with 3rd Public Lecture and Q&A Session

On the 22nd of June 2023, Unicaf University in Zambia held a physical lecture under the title: “Housing Delivery in Zambia towards SDG 11”.

The Lecture was the third in a series of Open Lectures that Unicaf University has been making, which are made to help the public of Zambia to engage with the university physically, and be able to participate in public discourse about pertinent and important issues that are being faced in Zambia.

The lecture was conducted by Mrs Grace Chikumo – Mtonga, the Director Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat in Zambia, and moderated by Marketing Officer of Unicaf University, Chipo Mabuti.

Dr Lameck Mwewa (DVC Academics) started off the lecture by giving a short introduction to Unicaf University, and describing the amazing degree programmes that are on offer with generous scholarships, as well as displaying Unicaf’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment.

Mrs Mutonga then took over the lecture and discussed several important issues, such as SDGS Monitoring in Zambia, Land Use Management and explained the background of the implementation of SDG 11, as well as delving, with a little more detail, into the long-term goals of SDG 11, and the current progress that the country has made to achieve it.

The lecture concluded with a Q&A session, where the attendees were given the chance to ask questions relating to the topics that were discussed, and shared their experiences living in Zambia to help the other attendees get a better image and understanding of the current situation.

Unicaf University looks forward to hosting many more Open Lectures, to be able to educate and inspire the Zambian citizens, so they will openly and publicly discuss pertinent issues, and share their experiences for the betterment and development of their country.

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