Kwisoko Game Ranch

Unicaf University Hosts Student Event at Kwisoko Game Ranch

Unicaf University in Zambia, a leading institution offering flexible, credible, accessible, and affordable educational programmes, organised a vibrant student activity at Kwisoko Game Ranch on Friday, 9th June 2023. The event aimed to foster student-to-student interactions, enhance brand awareness, locally promote Unicaf, generate leads, and promote the Unicaf Referral Programme.

The day-long activity provided a platform for students to engage with their peers and university staff, showcasing the dynamic and inclusive community at Unicaf University in Zambia (UUZM). Divided into six groups, students had the opportunity to interact, build connections, network, and freely express themselves in a supportive environment.

The event also served as an excellent opportunity for students to invite their friends, enabling them to experience firsthand the flexibility, credibility, accessibility, and affordability of the educational programmes offered by UUZM. Additionally, members of the university staff actively engaged with students, encouraging their guests to register with UUZM and become part of the Unicaf educational community.

The student activity at Kwisoko Game Ranch featured a range of exciting activities, including charades, quad motorbikes, a game drive, and swimming. These engaging experiences created a lively atmosphere and encouraged participants to bond and enjoy themselves throughout the day.

The event was a resounding success. Through their enthusiastic participation, students and staff exemplified the spirit of Unicaf University, where collaboration, camaraderie, and educational excellence go hand in hand.

Unicaf University continues to lead the way in providing innovative educational opportunities that empower students to achieve their academic and career aspirations. By fostering student-to-student interactions and actively promoting the Unicaf brand, the institution aims to create a thriving educational community that inspires and supports students throughout their journey.

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