Doctoral Studies Open Day

Unicaf University in Zambia Hosts Successful Doctoral Studies Open Day Seminar

Unicaf University in Zambia (UUZM) recently organised its inaugural Doctoral Studies Open Day Seminar, as part of its ongoing campaign to promote doctoral degrees and further academic excellence. The seminar, held on June 14th, witnessed an enthusiastic response from a diverse audience comprising individuals eager to pursue advanced studies and obtain a prestigious doctoral degree.

The event commenced with an opening address by Vice Chancellor Dr Christine Phiri Mushibwe, who eloquently introduced UUZM and shed light on its distinctive approach to learning. Dr Mushibwe emphasised the exceptional features of UUZM’s doctoral degrees, urging the attendees to consider enrolling with the university for an unparalleled educational experience.

During the seminar, Dr Lameck Mwewa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and Dr Daniel Mpolomoka, Dean of the School of Education, Social Sciences, and Humanities, took the stage to provide comprehensive insights into UUZM’s doctoral programmes. Dr Mwewa elaborated on various aspects, including the current doctoral programmes, admission requirements, programme structure, taught and research elements, supervision, doctoral dissertation examination, and the overall student experience. The presentations aimed to equip prospective candidates with a clear understanding of the rigorous yet rewarding journey that awaits them at UUZM.

In a stimulating discussion, Dr Daniel Mpolomoka focused on UUZM’s research and innovation efforts. He emphasised the university’s commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to contributing to local and international policy ratifications. Dr Mpolomoka also shed light on the impact of research clusters, research dissemination, and the nurturing of a robust research culture at UUZM.

The event provided an interactive platform for the audience to engage directly with the speakers during the question and answer session. Participants enthusiastically posed inquiries, seeking clarification on various aspects of the presentations and sharing their personal experiences.

Unicaf University remains committed to delivering exceptional educational opportunities, empowering students to make a tangible impact in their fields of expertise. The success of the Doctoral Studies Open Day Seminar highlights UUZM’s dedication to providing quality education, fostering research excellence, and creating a vibrant academic community.

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